Wise Agents

Wise Agents


Less Traffic at Customer service

Wise Agents, your AI-powered knowledge base concierge, empowers
personalized customer service 24/7.


What do Wise Agents do?

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WISE Knowledge Base

By uploading documents, Wise KB identifies discrepancies and misunderstandings, requesting user clarification.

WISE Customer Experience

Our agents can answer more than 70% of users’ questions and smartly transfer the rest to a human agent.

WISE Learning

Agents continuously learn from users ‘questions, human agents’ answers, and feedback, becoming increasingly accurate and reliable

WISE Analytics

Deep reports with sentiment analysis offer nuanced insights into human emotions and opinions, guiding decisions in various fields.


How it works?

It’s easier than you think!

Upload Your Knowledge Base

Provide the documents, SOPs, procedures, and more that you want the chatbot to reference when answering your customers’ questions.

Connect Your  Action APIs

Connect your APIs and specify the actions your agents need to handle in special situations.

Test and Launch Your Agent

Test your agents and launch them with just a few clicks, managing them with a smart version control service.


Why Wise Agents?

Efficiency and Productivity

Wise Agents automates responses to frequently asked questions, freeing up your team to focus on complex issues and build stronger customer relationships.

Proactive Problem Solving

By analyzing customer interactions, Wise Agents uncover emerging trends and pain points. This empowers you to address issues before they escalate, boosting customer loyalty.

Always Learning

Unlike traditional chatbots, Wise Agents continuously learn and improve with every interaction. This ensures your customers receive the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Delightful Customer Experiences

Wise Agents leverage your knowledge base to personalize responses, fostering trust and satisfaction with each interaction.

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